Ask the Lawyer

Ask the Lawyer ran on Gaylord on 101.5 and in Newberry on 96.7. Our attorneys answered the most frequently asked legal questions of injury victims, telephone inquiries, email inquiries and those asked by our clients.

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Preventing ATV Injuries and Deaths by Linda Miller Atkinson – May 2012

Concerned Families for ATV Safety

Michigan Laws for ATVs


Frivolous Lawsuits by Gary Kozma- May 2011

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage by Gene Petruska, April 2011

How Much Medical Information is your Insurance Company Entitled to?
by Gene Petruska, February 2011

Lawyer Advertising by Gary Kozma, February 2011

No-Fault Benefits by Gene Petruska, January 2011

Dangerous Toys by Linda Atkinson, December 2010

Workers’ Comp: Weekly Comp Benefit by Elaine Hart, May 2010

Workers’ Comp: Basic Benefits by Elaine Hart, April 11th, 2010

Workers’ Comp by Elaine Hart, March 29th, 2010

Lawsuit Lottery by Linda Atkinson, March 12th, 2010

Judges by Linda Atkinson, 2009

Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and Other Providers by Linda Atkinson, 2009

What is Evidence? by Linda Atkinson, 2009

Trial Lawyers by Linda Atkinson

Michigan Supreme Court by Linda Atkinson

Being a Juror and What to Expect by Linda Atkinson

Empowering Jurors by Linda Atkinson