Roadside Drug Testing Pilot Program Target Drugged Drivers in Michigan

It isn’t hard to see that drugs are a problem in our country, with people consuming more each day. With the war on drugs being a major headline across the U.S. for decades, it’s been a long road coming to find a viable way to crack down on this illness. Whether or not addiction is […]

Workers Compensation Issues to Watch in 2018

Workers compensation, or workers comp, is a type of insurance that offers replacement of wages and medical benefits to anyone injured during the course of employment, and in return the employee forfeits all rights to sue the company or employer. It’s a great way for companies and employers to maintain responsibility for their workforce, and […]

Risks of Driving Uninsured In Michigan

Car accidents can be scary enough without the idea of being caught uninsured looming over your head afterwards. There are a number of reasons other than the fact that it’s the law as to why you should always have active insurance for you as a driver and any vehicle you own. Aside from getting in […]

Michigan Personal Injury Laws & Statutory Rules

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident that occurred in Michigan, it’s important to understand the laws and rules that affect your case, including lawsuits, insurance claims and filing deadlines. Each state has its own time limitations for filing claims, and for accidents that occur in Michigan, it’s important to […]

Don’t Put Your Feet On The Dashboard

Riding with your legs up on a vehicle’s dashboard could do a lot more damage to your body than you could imagine.  The airbags on automobiles deploy at somewhere between 100 and 220 miles per hour sending a force that can cause multiple injuries to your legs as well as break your nose and potentially […]