The Small Law Office: When Plaintiffs Can’t Speak for Themselves

by Linda Miller Atkinson, Trial Magazine How can jurors evaluate the claim of a severely brain-injured plaintiff who can’t testify in the conventional way? Make sure they observe the plaintiff in court and hear testimony from ‘interpreters’ who can tell his or her story. If you’ve ever represented a catastrophically injured client—for example, a brain-injured person […]

Dangerous Toys

US Consumer Product Safety Commission monitors dangerous consumer products and formulates standards and assists in recalls of dangerous products. In the last fiscal year Sept 2009 to Sept 2010 CPSC has recalled 44 toys as causing injuries or deaths. Through its 1750 subscribing Emergency Departments throughout the country electronically connected to the NEISSystem of CPSC […]

Who’s Really in Charge?

by Linda Miller Atkinson as published in the May 2007 issue of Trial Magazine. Physician assistants and nurse practitioners are common in health care facilities. But how much responsibility do they have? If a patient is injured, you need to find out who the midlevel provider, the supervising doctor, the facility, or all of them-is […]

Patient Lawsuits Don’t Cause Premiums Rise

Detroit Legal News, July 15, 2005 By:       Linda Miller Atkinson and Todd Smith There has been lots of talk recently about the issue of medical malpractice verdicts and settlements, in which a jury or judge provides compensation to victims injured by a negligent doctor, abusive nursing home, insurance company that refuses to pay for treatment, or […]