To Attorney Elaine Hart:

Like many people, I was referred to Elaine Hart and APKH by a friend and neighbor. I am so thankful that I was. From the first meeting they were totally professional. My injury was from unsafe working conditions and should have been prevented. My life was terribly changed and I needed help. I had never hired a lawyer before. Elaine Hart, her staff and the office at APKH all made me feel that I did matter and that my injury would be addressed. My outcome was better than I could have imagined. I am so impressed by their efforts. Now I am among the many people who would refer my friends and neighbors to APKH, and specifically to Ms. Elaine Hart. What an outstanding professional!

– Robert Deuel, Gaylord, MI

To Attorney Elaine Hart:

Both Elaine and Erica were always prompt in returning phone calls and emails. They were always courteous and helpful. Elaine Hart is a confident attorney who was able to take over my case and let me quit worrying about it.

Thank you!

– Carrie Hair

To Attorney Elaine Hart:

I don’t even know where to begin. My case was a long complicated matter. At many times, especially towards the end, I felt like giving up. I felt so worn down but they always found a way to motivate me. The system definitely is not user friendly. My family and I struggled to make ends meet and put our faith in Elaine. She was available to answer my questions regardless of their simplicity or importance. I’m not an attorney and she explained everything to us in a way we could understand. I can’t say enough about Erica. I probably created more work for her than needed. She listened to my frustrations, answered my questions and if she didn’t know the answer she found out and called me right back. I am so thankful for Elaine, Erica and the rest of the staff at APKH. It was worth shopping around to find such a great team outside the U.P. Now I have peace of mind and my body can finally relax and move forward. I can’t thank you enough.

Thank you.

– Michael MacDonald

To Attorney Elaine Hart:

The services you provided me were excellent. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs legal advice.

– Austin Clute

To Attorney Gary Kozma:

Thank you for the great job in handling my case. I have already recommended you to family members. Thanks again!

– Keely D. Roznowski

Testimonial from our client to Attorney Elaine Hart:

Elaine Hart was fantastic. My case was not an easy one, but Elaine never gave up, even when she asked me for information and due to pain of my injury, I was not able to complete it for her. Her assistant, Erica, is also top notch. They are so kind and understanding. Always making sure you are informed as to what’s going on with your case and also making sure to explain everything so you can understand. I would and I have highly recommended Elaine Hart if you need a great attorney.

– Scott Sowers

To Attorney Elaine Hart:

Elaine Hart worked very hard on my behalf. She provided guidance and advice throughout my Workers’ Compensation case. She was always available and continued to be a very valuable, honest advocate. I would highly recommend Mrs. Hart to anyone in need of expert, individualized and personal legal representation. Her experience and care go far above and beyond.

-Ronald Suszek

Testimonial from our client to Linda Miller Atkinson and staff:

The efforts made in my case by Linda and APKH exceeded my expectations. They are a hard working, responsive and prepared law firm.”

To Theresa Plachta, Legal Secretary:

I will never be able to thank you enough for all the extra hard effort you have put forth on my behalf. You were a HUGE part of resolving this matter, to the best it could be. I am forever grateful to you and I will always feel lucky to have you as part of the team, a listener and a friend. You are a wonderful human being and Gary is lucky to have you on his team. I thank you again for being you and all the help you’ve been in beginning the process for us to heal from this horrid situation.”
-Bruce Gillissie

To Attorney Gary Kozma:

Thank you so much for representing us and for the generosity you displayed in waiving your fees. We are so grateful for your help and expertise”
-Kevin & Amy Finkenbinder

To Attorney Gary Kozma & Theresa Plachta, Legal Secretary:

I was severely injured in an auto accident on 12-20-07. The accident resulted in multiple injuries that required numerous surgeries. I have been permanently altered on many different levels. The individual that hit me had no insurance. My auto insurance company refused to provide me with many of the rights to which I was entitled. They made a bad situation worse.

I contacted APKH law firm. I met with Gary Kozma and his legal assistant Theresa Plachta. They began a crusade to help me regain my legal rights and self worth. The case has been a long battle with my insurance company, but these two individuals do not know the word “quit”. I am fortunate to have had this legal pair working with and for me. Through the course of the last four years, I had considered conceding to the insurance company. They refused to do so.

I cannot put into words the amount of thanks that I owe to this law firm. I was treated like a human being, something my insurance company never did. I was treated with courtesy and kindness throughout this drawn out case. I consider myself fortunate to have individuals like APKH fighting for my rights. I have had to change nearly everything in my life due to this accident. However, the one thing I would never change is the legal team that represented me in my claim. My son and I will never be able to thank you enough for standing up for my legal rights. Although things will never be the same as they were prior to the accident, APKH has helped me to begin a new life that would never have been possible without their help.”
-Bruce Gillissie

To Attorney Elaine Hart:

Elaine handled my Workers’ Compensation case; this was a long and difficult case. I don’t believe another attorney would have hung on as long as Elaine. Throughout my case, she was always so aggressive and persistent on getting what was due to me. She was on the ball 24-7. The insurance company kept pressuring me to settle for a small amount of money. Elaine assured me, even though I was having financial trouble, to hold out and not settle. Elaine ended up getting me THREE times the initial settlement offer. I would recommend Elaine Hart to anyone; she is about helping people that need the help.”
-Kevin Parrott

To Judy Raatz, Legal Assistant to Elaine Hart:

I really appreciated you returning my calls for stupid questions, my out of control emotional moments, your patience and understanding and especially you really caring about me as a person.”
– Sharon Marquis

To Attorney Elaine Hart:

I want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into my case. You are a truly dedicated attorney and I was fortunate to have you represent me.”
-Gary Artley