Car Insurance and You — Who pays your medical bills if you are injured getting in or out of your car?

Dec 3, 2021 | Car accident, General, Insurance Issues, Uncategorized

Northern Michigan is a treacherous place to live during the winter. Driving and walking on ice and snow is no picnic. If you are involved in a car accident and get hurt, your no-fault insurance company will normally pay your medical bills and lost wages (unless you have “opted out” of these coverages when you made your insurance coverage selection under the recent changes to the No-Fault Act–see our videos and articles on that topic).

But what if your foot slips on ice as you are getting into or out of your vehicle and you get injured? Does your no-fault insurance only cover you for injuries you sustain while driving?

Many people do not realize that their automobile no-fault insurance company covers them if they are injured getting into or out of their vehicles. This is called the “parked vehicle exception” and requires very specific circumstances to apply. Generally, if your car is not “unreasonably” parked and the injury occurred during the “loading or unloading process,” you may well be covered by your no-fault insurance for your injury.

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