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Although Workers’ Compensation insurance is available throughout the U.S. as well as in other countries around the world, specific rules regarding workers’ compensation are governed by statutes and laws controlled by each area. In Michigan, rules and regulations of workers’ compensation are governed by the Workers’ Disability Compensation Act of Michigan unless it is regarding a federal employee. Federal employees such as postal workers or members of the armed forces are governed by federal law.

Workers’ compensation is a system put in place to protect those who have been injured on the job. Like other laws and regulations put in place by Michigan to protect its citizens, these regulations can be complex and may even change to ensure that these workers are protected in an ever-changing economic environment. It is these rules and these changes which make hiring a workers’ compensation attorney important.

If you have been injured on the job, it isn’t your employer who denies workers’ compensation benefits, but rather, the employer’s insurance carrier. Injury or disability suffered while working is compensable under Michigan law. Lost wages and fringe benefits (vacation, discontinued health coverage, etc.), medical bills, prescriptions and mileage are also owed to you for such injuries. If you have been injured at work, we will make sure the litigation process is as trouble-free as possible, for you and your family. Our experienced workers’ compensation specialists, Attorneys Elaine Hart and Gary Kozma, can help you, just as they have helped thousands like you.

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Elaine handled my Workers’ Compensation case; this was a long and difficult case. I don’t believe another attorney would have hung on as long as Elaine. Throughout my case, she was always so aggressive and persistent on getting what was due to me. She was on the ball 24-7. The insurance company kept pressuring me to settle for a small amount of money. Elaine assured me, even though I was having financial trouble, to hold out and not settle. Elaine ended up getting me THREE times the initial settlement offer. I would recommend Elaine Hart to anyone; she is about helping people that need the help.”

-Kevin Parrott