Car Insurance and You — Who Pays For Your Medical Bills if You Are Injured on a Motorcycle?

Jul 28, 2021 | Car accident, Insurance Issues, Personal Injury Case

So you are a responsible automobile owner, and you have followed the advice on our website and have kept full, unlimited medical insurance coverage. If you are injured while driving your car, your medical bills will be paid throughout your lifetime by your no-fault insurance carrier. Way to go!

But suppose you are driving your motorcycle and you get hit by someone who runs a stop sign. Now who pays for your medical bills?

Well, you would think that your own no-fault insurance company would pay for those bills, right? But thanks to the “wisdom” of our Legislature in recently amending the Michigan no-fault law, that is not the case! Instead,  you must look to the insurance company for the driver who hit you to pay your medical bills. And if that driver decided to have low medical coverage, or has legally “opted out” of having any  medical coverage at all, then that means you are “stuck” with that driver’s decision–and your medical bills may not get paid at all!

Frankly, this result makes absolutely no sense. Why should you, a responsible, fully insured driver, not be entitled to seek medical coverage from your own insurance company if you are injured by a negligent driver while you are lawfully operating your motorcycle? Hopefully, this unfair law will be changed by the Michigan Legislature in the near future.

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