Personal Injury & Motor Vehicle Accidents

Automobile Accident Claims

When you, or a family member are involved in a motor vehicle collision, you may have the following claims:

  1. Negligence – action against the negligent motorist for damages
  2. Wrongful death
  3. No-fault benefits:
  4. Medical expenses
  5. Wage Loss
  6. Replacement Services
  7. Mileage
  8. Vocational Rehabilitation
  9. Worker’s compensation
  10. Social Security
  11. Dram Shop – Bar & Restaurant Liability for over serving alcohol 
  12. Products liability

Do all attorneys “especially the TV lawyers” handle all these claims?  NO!!!

Why?  Many of these claims are very time consuming and labor intensive for the attorney and their staff – particularly no-fault benefits.  The return to the lawyer may be small.  Our attorneys and staff members explain to our clients how to handle their own claims.  If they are having problems with the insurance company, we can step in and handle that claim for them.

Many lawyers are just interested in handling the easy claims and settling them quickly for less than full value.  Our firm handles all our clients’ claims to obtain the maximum value for our clients.

Being injured in a motor vehicle accident or suffering from any number of other personal injuries can impact you and your family now and for years to come. While you are guaranteed some rights, there are many other rights and benefits you are missing. A skilled attorney well versed in the laws regarding personal injury in Michigan is the solution to help ensure that you get all you are entitled to after an accident.

Have you suffered an injury, disability or the loss of a loved one due to someone’s negligence? Personal injury is an injury to the body or mind, which occur in any number of ways: automobile, snowmobile, semi-truck, bicycle or boat accidents, slip and fall incidents, or dog bites, to name a few. Our Northern Michigan offices give you access to your lawyer and allows us to personally investigate your case. We live here. We understand what’s important to the members of our community and to the jurors – our neighbors – who decide your case. Sometimes clients aren’t sure if they have a case. Complete the free case review form and our knowledgeable attorneys, Gene Petruska, Linda Atkinson and Gary Kozma will help determine the legal remedies available to you.

Whether you are simply wondering if you have a case, are looking for some advice or have other questions regarding personal injuries or motor vehicle accidents, we are here to help you. Contact any of our attorney’s today and find out how we can help. Call us today at 1.877.732.2491 or simply fill out the form below.

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