No Fault auto insurance “reform”–3 years later, and Michigan drivers are not getting what they were promised

Nov 22, 2022 | Car accident, General, Insurance Issues, Personal Injury Case

<snip> Years ago, Wendy’s had a television commercial. A wonderfully ironic grandmother by the name of Clara Peller would exclaim at the top of her lungs “Where’s the Beef?” In looking back on the 2019 Senate Bill 1, we are left asking something similar.

To steal a line from the Governor Whitmer, where’s the damn beef? When she signed the no-fault reform bill on a sunshiny Mackinac Island May afternoon, a smiling crowd of Democrats and Republican proudly congratulated themselves. No-fault change had been elusive for more than two generations. In this “reform,” they proclaimed, we Michigan drivers would get massive cost savings. They led us believe our highest-in-the-nation auto insurance premiums were a thing of the past.

Here’s the reality., considered the auto insurance authority these days, tells us in its 2022 state by state auto insurance rankings: Michigan saw the following average annual rates dropped from $3096 in 2019 down to $2535 in 2020, an 18% decrease. But rates increased four percent in 2021 from $2535 to $2639.

So, we saw marginal savings at best.

Continued here, with a video:

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