Fidget Spinners Safety Information

Fidget Spinners Safety Information
As new toys and products are released to the public every year, many of them specifically targeted at children, it’s important to remember how best to use these items in a safe way. Fidget spinners are the latest craze among the youngest in our country, and as with anything new that’s offered to and designed for children, parents are being warned to consider the potential risks and dangers associated with these new, seemingly harmless, toys. Here is some of the most important safety information you need to know about fidget spinners so that your children and family can use them safely and responsibly.

Yes, it’s true that anything that fits in the mouth can be considered a choking hazard, and the younger the child is, the greater the risk is of them putting something they aren’t supposed to in their mouths, but with fidget spinners being so large you might think your children are safe from these kinds of risks with this toy. Unfortunately, children as old as 14 years of age have already experienced some kind of choking related incident involving fidget spinners due to the great number of smaller, removable pieces. People of all ages should never play with a fidget spinner close to their face, or put any pieces of it in or around their mouth, but children as young as three years of age especially should never be given a fidget spinner without constant supervision, if ever at all. Special light-up editions and other electronic fidget spinners may also contain easily ingestible button or lithium coin cell batteries that put your children at risk of choking and severe burns.

Whenever you’re dealing with rechargeable or battery-operated toys, the risk of fire is always present. To limit your chances of suffering a battery or charger-related fires, remember to always be present while the items are charging, and never leave the house or go to sleep with them plugged in. In order to ensure that your electronic fidget spinner doesn’t cause a fire in your home, unplug them when they are finished charging or after one hour if there is no official charging indicator, and only use the designated charging cable that came with the toy or one that fits appropriately and is not damaged in any way. As with any toy or item that is a fire hazard, make sure your home or offices smoke detectors and alarms are fully functional in case the worst comes to pass and you need to be alerted to an emergency situation. There are many ways to have fun with your favorite toys, just remember to play safe.  

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