Medication Errors

Medication Errors In December, 2002, Medmarx, the anonymous national reporting database operated by U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP), issued a report finding that administering drugs using incorrect techniques continues to be a serious cause of injury to hospital patients, increasing costs to insurers. This third annual report is one of the most comprehensive accumulations of data available. It reports on 105,603 medication errors which were voluntarily reported by 368 facilities nationwide.

Types of Medication Errors

There are many types of medication errors, all of which have the potential to harm the affected patient. APKH has experience handling cases dealing with a variety of pharmaceutical errors, including:

  • Drug Side Effects
  • Incorrect Labeling
  • Incorrect Dosage
  • Prescription Error
  • Drug Complications

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Determining Responsibility of Medication Errors

Sometimes it may be difficult for you to determine who is responsible for your pain and suffering. In order to assign blame for your situation, an experienced pharmaceutical error attorney can help you determine which of the following common causes of pharmacy error was responsible for your injury:

  • Pharmacy error
  • Doctor error
  • Poor communication between doctor and pharmacist
  • Reliance on pharmacy technicians

Medical errors are not required to be reported. For this reason, many medical or pharmaceutical errors may go unreported. The actual number of medical errors can not be determined however, estimates of the number of medical errors which occur every year are estimated as high as the 1.5 million in the United States alone. While many of these errors may not kill, many others may cause serious and long lasting effects on the lives of individuals and families around the country.

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