Safety Tips for Driving With Children

Safety Tips for Driving With Children

It’s important to talk about road safety with your children so that they know how to behave both as passengers and as future drivers, but until they reach the age of understanding it’s up to you as their loving caregivers to ensure they remain safe in all situations. To maximize the safety of your little ones in the car and your own peace of mind, follow these simple safety tips for driving with children.

Buckle Up

No matter what age your child is, there is always a special seat, harness, or protective strap to keep them securely fastened inside the vehicle and away from danger. From newborns in car seats, to teenagers with adult seatbelts, it is your responsibility as a knowledgeable adult to ensure that from day one until they leave your custody they are always buckled up before you even pull out into the road.

Avoid Airbags

Airbags are designed to withstand the force of an adult body propelling against them, and are equipped with equal balancing pressure to negate injury in these circumstances. Unfortunately, a child’s body is much smaller. and weaker. than a full-grown adult’s meaning coming into contact with an airbag during an accident can in some cases do more harm than good. The best way to avoid airbag-induced injuries is to avoid seating your children in front of them in the first place.

Seat Them Back and Center

The rear middle seat is statistically the safest place for younger children to sit while in a moving vehicle. It keeps them away from the sides of the vehicle in the event of a side collision, protects them from airbags, and prevents them from impacting the back of the front row in the event of a sudden stop. Of course, sitting in the middle isn’t always an option, in which case sitting in either of the other rear seats is fine too. A small child should never sit in the front seat, as this can be very dangerous.  


The best way in the world to keep your children safe is to teach them how to be safe and why. By explaining to them why road safety is important, what can happen when you don’t follow basic road safety rules, and actively setting a positive example through your own actions, you can feel confident that your children are on the right road to being excellent future drivers and passengers. Always wear your seatbelt and verbally confirm why it’s important so that your little one learns it as a survival habit and not a pesky chore, and remember that forgetting even once can change your life forever.

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